Vintage Rolex Art Deco Silver Cased Cocktail Watch with Gems, Circa 1920

This unusual and extremely rare, vintage Rolex with its silver, star-shaped case and gem set bezel, was one of the watches sold from our eBay business listing. It now forms part of a private collection.

The watch has strong Art Deco characteristics and a prominent celestial motif. The bezel is in the shape of a six-sided star and the crown bears a small moon and star emblem.

The watch carries a full set of stamps on the inner case back.  What is interesting as well, is the stamped sponsor’s mark “W&D” (Wilsdorf and Davis), which appears at the bottom.  Also visible is the import mark of the London Assay Office and the date letter “e” which corresponds to the assay year of 1920.

The watch is powered by a 15 jewel movement.

 A  tiny raised moon and star emblem is visible on the crown.

The slightly domed crystal results in varying and attractive light effects on the face when viewed in strong light.


This outstanding, solid gold Omega watch featuring a cross-hair sub-seconds dial was recently sold from our eBay business listing.

The selection of images below provides some more detail regarding the stunning vintage timepiece.

The serial number of this watch dates it back to the early part of 1961.  It was in  April 1961 that man first flew in space.  President Kennedy subsequently addressed congress in 1961 and proposed that “the landing of a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth” would have occurred by the end of the 1960’s.

It was in fact in 1961 that the Apollo space programme was initiated with the moon landings subsequently occurring from 1969. Omega wristwatches were to some extent linked in with the space programme. 

The particular watch is powered by a calibre 268 17 jewel movement that is clean and bright looking.  Overall, this is a classic vintage timepiece with  its bold, gold-coloured Arabic numerals, its pale champagne coloured dial and its cross-hair sub-seconds dial.

The case is fully hallmarked  for 9 carat gold and the watch  is triple signed, having the OMEGA logo on the face, the crown and of course on the movement itself.  Previous case openings have clearly been conducted with care and precision and there are no prominent marks on the case.  What is truly remarkable is that the watch retains its original 9 carat gold buckle with the marks of the Birmingham Assay Office and the date letter “m” .

All in all, this is a fine vintage watch that makes a powerful statement.

            ROTARY ELITE 18 Carat SOLID GOLD,                                             SWISS QUARTZ MOVEMENT

This exceptional, 18 carat gold luxury dress watch has been sold to a discerning customer. The watch is powered by a quality Swiss  Ronda  Movement.

The watch is  fully stamped for 18 carat gold and carries the leopard’s head stamp of the London Assay Office. Interestingly too, the letters “SD”  also appear which are the sponsor’s mark for Sylvain Dreyfuss, the son of Moise Dreyfuss, the  original founder of Rotary.  Rotary has a significant history dating back to 1895.

The case stampings are crisp and clean.

The case inner shows an attractive machined pattern with the “SD”  sponsor’s mark clearly evident.

The watch is powered by a  high quality Swiss Ronda movement which has one jewel .



This outstanding luxury watch has been sold to a  discerning  customer and  now forms part of a private collection.


This watch is powered by a quality 21 jewel calibre 2892-A2 automatic movement that has a beat frequency of 28,000 A/h ( beats per hour).  It is stamped “CARTIER” on the rotor.

This is an iconic and famous   model that is distinguished from other  watches by the distinctive screw -on crown cover.

Like many luxury high-end time pieces it is   branded  on the dial, the case back and on the movement itself.  The watch glows well in the dark due to the super-luminova coating on the hands.  This is denoted by the “L” appearing  before and after the words “Swiss Made” at the bottom of the dial.

The bold numerals and the sweep second hand place this watch at the fore front of design and functionality


This monster watch in stainless steel, full of panache and attitude like the Vanguard  nuclear submarine class  with which  it shares it’s name, has recently been sold from our contemporary watches selection.  At the heart of the watch lies it’s powerplant, and in this case a quality SEIKO VD75A quartz movement.


This petite watch has moved on to join its sibling in a loving and caring home in London and  to  form part of an exclusive private collection.  It is hallmarked for  9 carat gold and has the  assay mark of the  London  Assay Office.  It carries the date letter “L” which corresponds to the assay year for 1944, a year pregnant with history.

The watch is powered by a mechanical Swiss made  15 jewel hand-winding movement.   It is stamped “RECORD” on the winding wheel and the Swan logo  is clearly visible.  RECORD watches were first  established in 1903, and after being acquired by Longines, the RECORD brand ceased in 1991.

The watch has an unusual octagonal shaped case and like all watches of this era , has a hinged case back.  Closer inspection of the case inners shows the  case reference number, “”922825LA”, previous service dates for 1962 and 1952 including  the assay marks and date letter.

The watch is attached to a delicate bracelet strap with a safety chain.  The buckle is stamped “Reg. no. 894896 and 1/10 12ct ROLLED GOLD.”

The watch has a clear uncluttered face with an outer railway track . The design emphasis is on functionality and clear read -out with the minute hand intersecting precisely  with the minute markers.  The face shows minimal aging and the acrylic crystal is  in good condition.  An added feature found only on some  luxurious  vintage watches are the pretty butterfly blue hands that reflect blue sparkles  of light when held at the correct angle.


(REFERENCE 14792SC-62  )


This outstanding chronometer rated OMEGA   is stamped accordingly on the movement  and  has moved  on to form part of a private collection. It is a rather unusual piece and is referenced as a “Seamaster/De Ville”. The movement was recently  tested and found to be gaining  only 0.545s/day, an awe inspiring achievement and a credit to the precision and exceptional  quality of OMEGA  movements – given that the test subject is almost 60 years old.

What is also curious is that   some early Constellations also   “share ” the three digit  prefix “147 …  ”  being  referenced ” 14799″ and  “CK14766”.  The OMEGA  vintage watch   records also  reflect  a Constellation with a 561 calibre movement referenced “OT14394”.  Additionally, the three digit prefix “143 …” includes some early Seamasters and Constellation models as well. Specific answers to this question remain unclear.

The OMEGA  De Ville had its debut as a classic dress watch in 1960.

This particular watch is from the very early period when the early  references  did not yet  have the  “Seamaster/De Ville”   description  on the dial, only being  described as such from 1963. The mystery is  further deepened by the  chronometer  rated calibre 562 movement.

It has been reported that this specific  movement  previously underwent regulation after purchase  and was subsequently electronically tested over a 100 day duration on the wrist. It was found to have gained an incredible  0.545seconds/day averaged over the 100 day test run.

Are you able to shed any light on why different models appear to “share” the first three digits of the reference number? We would really value any  additional data from  any  OMEGA   specialists out there – our email address is  “”.  We would love to include   all relevant  clarifications on this page.

OMEGA did manufacture a limited number of chronometer certified 562 movements, but the “why” and “how” of why this piece at this time remains a mystery.

This chronometer rated movement was recently assessed over a test run of 100 days on the wrist.  It  was found to have an average gain of 0.545s/day –  quite amazing for a movement  that was 58 years old  when tested.

The watch is triple signed on the dial, movement and  case back and retains its original crown and OMEGA buckle.

The watch features a date aperture at the 3.00 position and has a silver coloured dial with a very slight vertically grained satin finish. It has faceted  applied baton indices and pencil hands that interact precisely with the outer minute track.

This  is a classical design with the emphasis on accurately reflecting  the passage of time and which it has done for the last 58 years.  The watch dates from 1962, which interestingly enough is the same year that astronaut Walter Schirrar first wore an OMEGA into space on 3rd October 1962  during the  Mercury programme. Interestingly enough, he chose the callsign “Sigma 7″ , because of its link to   ” … engineering excellence.”(


This fine example of a platinum cased Art Deco cocktail  watch  with diamond set bezel has been purchased and now forms part of a private collection.The watch, which is about ninety years old, is powered by a sixteen jewel movement that has been adjusted to three positions and   remains in good working condition.

The watch is representative of the period and has a stepped rectangular 14mm case marked for platinum  with delicate scroll work to the sides and the case back.

The watch is attached to a well balanced 9 carat white gold cordette style strap with a two stage ladder clasp that  provides some degree of adjustment.

This stunning time piece was sold together with a complimentary  black velvet box with white satin lining.


This striking sports watch has recently been sold from our eBay business listing. Functional and eye-catching in every way, it is powered by a quality Miyota calibre  OS10 quartz chronograph movement.

The hour markers are marked by diamonds and the luminous hands contrast well against the mother-of-pearl face.  With its fully graduated  bezel, luminous hands and three prominent black sub-dials. it makes a strong  presence on the wrist.


This delightfully delicate solid gold 9 carat watch has been sold from our      e Bay business  listing.  It is powered by a Miyota quartz  movement .

This is a very pretty and  striking watch , having a champagne coloured face and a single diamond set at the “12 ” position.

The bracelet strap has a two ladder clasp and is fully stamped for 9 carat gold.

Both the strap and the case inner carry the marks of the Birmingham Assay Office and the date letter “Q” which corresponds to the assay year for 1990. The watch comes  compete with its original box .

The watch was supplied with an additional velvet lined complimentary box and had been fitted with a freshly replaced battery.


This lovely, solid gold luxury branded  TISSOT mechanical watch dates to 1967, and as then, makes a tremendous fashion statement on the wrist.  It is fully hallmarked for 9 carat gold on the case inner and strap and carries the London Assay Office date letter “m” for the assay year 1967.


The watch demonstrates powerful  “economy of design” features evidenced in the relatively narrow bezel, the  easy to read face  that is enhanced by the black hands and the applied hour markers which  contrast well  against the pale champagne coloured face. All in all, an excellent balance between good looking luxury and functionality has been achieved here.

The watch is powered by a 17 jewel movement  with the  serial number 9951347 which dates it  to early 1968.  What is always interesting about vintage pieces is the merge of date groups. In this watch, the hall marks  predate the serial number  slightly which is to be expected with the movement being fitted after manufacture of the case. Notwithstanding, there remains a  high degree of synchronisation  between dates.



This magnificent, early generation, 9 carat gold Omega Geneve wristwatch dates to about 1954.

The face has a beautiful golden brown colour with an impressive and unusual mottled effect.

The watch is powered by a 266 calibre movement.

It is triple signed and carries the Omega name and logo on the face, the movement and  the case inner.  The Birmingham Assay Office stamps for 9 carat gold are clear to read.

It has a presentation inscription on the case back with Scottish provenance.

ROTARY  MAXIMUS  IN  9  CARAT  GOLD  ( circa 1955)

The watch embodies the classic styling of the mid 1950’s with strong visual impact.

It is powered by a 16 jewel manual wind calibre 77 movement that is in good condition.

The case back inner is stamped for 9 carat gold and bears the date letter U.

The watch comes from the heyday of Swiss watch manufacturing.

It had clearly been well looked after and did not have the scuffs and marks often associated with watches that have withstood a long journey through the decades.


This fine vintage Tudor watch is powered by a calibre 290 movement.

The watch was in overall very good condition and it was clear that it had been well looked after and worn  infrequently over the years.

Unlike many others, the face and hands had not been worked on and re-lumed and unusually, it retained its original Rolex crown.

The watch had some Scottish provenance, being a British Rail presentation watch for the Sottish Region and having been assayed in Edinburgh. It  received a complete  service in Glasgow in 2017.


This stunning lady’s watch with a diamond encrusted bezel has  been sold.

It is powered by a SWISS ETA  955.412 V8 7 jewelled quartz movement stamped with the LONGINES brand.

VERTEX (circa 1956)   9 CARAT GOLD  15 JEWELS

This delightful and well presented ladies gold watch  on its original gold bracelet strap has been sold form our eBay business listing. The watch carries the assay marks of the Birmingham Assay Office, which are clearly visible on the case inner and on the strap.

The assay office stamps are clear and crisp and the date letter “g” for the assay year of 1956 is well formed and legible.  The strap carries the manufacturers  stamps “JC&S” which appears to refer to Joseph Cook and Son who were originally based in Livery Street in Birmingham. The strap, like the case, has been finely finished.

The watch is in very good condition overall and has clearly been well looked after over the years, although there are some very fine scratches on  the back commensurate with  normal use.

The watch is running well and working, winding and setting as it should. It is powered by  a 15 jewel movement that is crisp and clean.  The movement is stamped ” VERTEX  REVUE  SWISS 15 JEWELS 78″. It was manufactured by the Thommens Uhrfabrik AG in Switzerland with the Vertex Watch Company being first registered in 1916.  Originally, completed watches were imported from Switzerland into England, but later, watches were encased using cases made by A.L.Dennision, of which this is an example.


This classic vintage wristwatch is powered by a 15 jewel movement and is supported by a well balanced, delicate gold bracelet strap with a four stage ladder clasp. It is triple signed with the RECORD  brand appearing  on the movement, crown and dial.  The RECORD brand was owned many years ago by LONGINES.

Oh, so sweet!

Ideally speaking, with the vintage watch market, matched date  provenance between a vintage watch’s movement, the style and design of its face and the date letters on its case and strap is a good thing, because it helps to authenticate the watch. In this particular watch, there is a superb degree of connection and synchronisation of  its dates and design and they match  completely, which is great.


This stunning, manual wind DYNAMIC lady’s watch has a pretty  pale blue continuous sweep second hand that clearly announces its vintage heritage.

All in all, the watch is very attractive, with its bold, sky blue “bullseye” face and powder blue second hand.  It is a rather scarce and very collectable item in today’s vintage market place.

Together with its prominent Omega branding, it makes a strong statement on the wrist.

The watch’s eye catching blue and silver face is enhanced by the continuous sweep of its second hand that clearly sets it apart from a quartz powered movement.

The Omega symbol appears on the buckle of the stainless steel strap and on the inside of the strap.


This fine, elegant and stylish vintage watch is powered by a Swiss V8 quartz movement,  6 jewels ETA calibre 255.411.  It has a stunning champagne coloured face with gold coloured hands and markers and comes “alive” in strong sunlight.


This vintage, Swiss Made, luxury EBEL CLASSIC WAVE  women’s watch has been sold from our eBay business listing.

The case has classic design features and the fluidity with which the case sides flow easily into the case back results in a lovely, smooth feel. The face also has lovely classic styling, with the gold coloured Roman numerals contrasting well with its champagne colour.  It sports a date aperture at the 3 o’clock position for added functionality.

The attractive design features of the watch extend to the bracelet strap itself which also has a great smooth, feel to it.

The word “EBEL” appears at the 12 o’ clock position with the word “- SWISS -” appearing at the bottom of the face.

The watch has the EBEL logo on its bi-coloured stainless steel bracelet strap with its 24 carat gold electroplated trim.

The watch is in fair condition overall and has collected some wear over the last 28 years or so.

All in all, though, it is a great little vintage timepiece from a premier Swiss manufacturer that will delight its new owner for years to come.

It came complete with a worthy, great looking complimentary box.


This stunning Rotary Maximus  wristwatch  is powered by a 15 jewel Vertex movement and was sold recently.  It is fully stamped for 9 carat gold both  to the case interior and one of the lugs.

The inside of the case back shows a beautiful engine turned surface with the stamps being well established and clear to read.  It was manufactured by “DS&S” and the date letter “R” is prominently visible to the left of the leopard’s head symbol for the London Assay Office.

The Vertex 15 jewel movement was running well and was stamped “78” on the plate.

All in all, this fine piece was in good general condition. Apart from a few slight scratches to the acrylic crystal that were best seen under magnification,  it had attracted remarkably few age related marks over the years.

As with many of our sold watches, an attractive velvet and satin lined watch box was included.


This timepiece has travelled relatively well through the decades and has collected remarkably few scuffs and associated wear along its journey.  It has classic design features on its face and the full sweep centre seconds hand helps to enhance its appeal.

The watch is powered by a 15 jewel movement.


This outstanding gold Omega 620, powered by a 17 jewel movement and adjusted to two positions, has now been sold.  It dates from circa 1965.  Interestingly enough, this was the year in which the Ranger 8 Mission photographed possible lunar landing sites for the planned Apollo missions.  It was also the year in which the Omega Speedmaster was evaluated and selected for use in space exploration by NASA.

The watch is powered by a 17 jewel 620 movement that is in very good condition.

The original box shows very few signs of wear.

The watch is attached to the rather unusual original strap with two metal keepers.

The underside of the box is free from the usual scuff marks associated with a vintage item and is clearly stamped “Swiss Made”.

All in all, this is  a lovely watch that shows few signs of wear to the crystal or the case.

As one would expect from a luxury Swiss brand, it carries a full set of  stamps, including the date letter “k” and the leopard’s head of the London Assay Office.


Another recent sale, this well seasoned watch has seen about 46 years of history pass it by, from the Apollo space programme to the latest missions to Mars.  It has remained in surprisingly good condition overall but has, naturally, picked up a few scratches along the way.  It retains the original Omega crystal and crown and maintains a high degree of accuracy.

Vintage 1970 Omega in Stainless Steel- Manuual Wind

Vintage 1970 Omega in Stainless Steel, Manual Wind

The watch is fully stamped on the movement and case, with all numbers and serial numbers being duplicated on the original paperwork.

The 601 movement adjusted to two positions - serial number 29680601
The 601 movement adjusted to two positions – serial number 29680601


This modern, Swiss Made, Maurice Lacroix watch was also sold recently through our eBay business listing.

Maurice Lacroix are one of Switzerland’s premier luxury watch makers and are located in the Jura region of Switzerland, with their  headquarters in Zurich.

Like most high end quality watches, this one is powered by a Swiss Made movement, which in this case is an ETA V8 seven jewel  956.412 calibre one.

The watch is signed to the movement, the crown, the dial and the case back and is “Swiss Made” to the core.

The face has very classic design features, a clear uncluttered look and luminous hands which make it easy to read the time.


This very well preserved Vertex powered watch features service dates from both the early stages of and the end of the Second World War; i.e.  8/7/40GH and 3/4/45GH.  It is powered by a 15 jewel movement.

Vintage Sterling Silver Trench Watch (1929) with Screw on Bezel Vintage Sterling Silver Trench Watch (1929) with Screw on Bezel

The solid silver case has the the opposed “F”  symbol for the Glasgow Assay Office and the date letter code “g”.

A Full Set of Stamps

A Full Set of Stamps

What is of particular interest regarding this watch, is that it shows an early attempt to enhance water resistance as both the bezel and the case back have milled edges and can be screwed on.

Vertex Movement - 15 Jewels

Vertex Movement – 15 Jewels


Some British military watches were manufactured by CWC and they all had date specific serial numbers on their case backs.  The CWC  first started to provide  a service to the British Ministry of Defence in 1972 and continued to do so for about 30 years.  The watch shown below is a well preserved example from this period and was deliberately not polished so as to preserve its original patina.

A Fine Collectable - military issue number 6103/79 complete with the "Broad Arrow" symbol.

A Fine Collectable – Military Issue Number 6103/79, Complete with the “Broad Arrow” Symbol

The watch is provided with a worn field grey/green nylon strap.


This delightful and attractive vintage Rotary lady’s watch with its rolled gold case has been sold through our eBay business  listing.  The watch dates from the  earlier part of the 20th century and features  an attractive geometrical design on its face with some degree of age related fading. This is a particularly interesting timepiece in that there is no maker’s name on the face which would have, arguably, detracted from the design. The mystery becomes clearer on closer examination.  When the case is opened, it is clear that one is looking at a vintage Rotary, with the Rotary emblem being clear to see on the ratchet wheel.

The watch is powered by a 15  jewel  movement. The inner case back has been clearly stamped with the letters “SD”.  This is the sponsor’s mark for Sylvain Dreyfuss, the founder of the Rotary Watch Company.  Rotary were originally established in Switzerland in 1895 and later traded in London as M.Dreyfuss Watch Manufacturers, Morefield.

The bracelet strap is stamped “GOLD FILLED”, WARRANTED 10 YEARS and “CLARIDGE” on the links.  Interestingly, the strap also bears the stamp “MADE IN BADEN”.  Baden now forms part of Germany. It was known as the  Republic of Baden from 1918 to 1945.

This gives some clue as to the age of the watch and its  heritage, with perhaps the case and its strap having been manufactured in the Republic of Baden, as it was then and the watch being cased in London. This is of course, speculation, which can add somewhat to the allure of collecting vintage items.  All in all, this is a great item that has gone off to a good home.


This stunning 9 carat vintage watch  with an integral solid gold bracelet has been sold from our ebay business listing.  It  is in very good condition and was correctly hallmarked  on the case and bracelet for 9 carat gold. It came with its original box and a fresh battery was installed.

VERTEX 9 Carat Gold Cocktail Watch

This interesting  piece from the 1951/1952 era was also sold through our eBay business listing recently.  The watch is powered by a 15 jewel Vertex movement.


It features a leather cordette style strap decorated with two gold plated clasps.

DSCF2705The case is fully stamped and also features an engine turned interior.  It was manufactured by Dennison and is stamped A.L.D..



This early Twentieth century gold watch has classic design features of the period and very pretty, butterfly blue hands.

The Blue Hands and Pronounced Roman Numerals are Strong Design Characteristics of this Period.

The Blue Hands and Pronounced Arabic Numerals are Strong Design Characteristics of the Period.

This rather rare and unusual  watch also features a well executed inscription on the case back, dated 1928.


The watch is powered by a Swiss Made, fifteen jewel movement that is keeping good time and running very well for a movement that is about ninety years old.


In general the watch is in good condition for its age and has clearly travelled well through the decades.

The Sponsor's Mark Appears Below the Case Number.

The Sponsor’s Mark (SD) Appears Below the Case Number on the Inner Case Back

Also on the inner case back, are the standard stamps for 9 carat gold and the symbol for the London Assay Office, as well as the date letter “i”.  This corresponds to the assay year for 1924/1925.

The face of the watch shows some degree of age-related fading while the butterfly blue hands contrast well against its pale champagne colour. There is no branding as such on the face.

A Visually Blanced and Functional Piece

What is also of  interest, is that the stamp “SD”, which is the sponsor’s mark,  appears at the bottom of the case serial number.  “SD” stands for Sylvain Dreyfuss of Moise, who was the founder of Rotary watches which was established in Switzerland in 1895.  Rotary traded initially in the early 1920’s as M.Dreyfuss Watch Manufacturers, Morefield, London and only later introduced the Rotary “Winged Wheel” emblem.  This watch could therefore be an early  Rotary watch that pre-dates the use of the Rotary emblem.

The watch Featured a Later Fitted Strap.

The Watch Features an Expandable Bracelet Strap

Its date of manufacture and the engraving on the case back encompass several important dates in history. For example, in 1924, the first radio time signals were broadcast from the Royal Greenwich Observatory.  In 1925, the first TV pictures were broadcast.  The 3rd. of July 1928 saw colour TV being  demonstrated by  John Logie  Baird for the first time and in the same year, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered the first antibiotic in the form of penicillin.


This attractive and rather unusual  silver cased gilt  Swiss Made Rotary watch  is powered by a high quality  Swiss quartz V8  movement with 6 jewels manufactured by ETA.

It featured a delicate bracelet and an attractive champagne coloured face with the precision of Swiss quartz technology and stamped  “SWISS MADE QUARTZ”  on the face.

The strap and case back carry the assay marks of the Birmingham Assay Office and the letters “JAM” as well as the date letter “Q”.

The stamps for sterling silver (.925) are clear and precise

All in all,  this is a great  watch that has moved on to a new home and will delight its owner for years to come.

ROTARY  9  CARAT  GOLD  SUPER – SPORTS  MEN’S  WATCH ( circa 1950/1951)

This Rotary Super-Sports watch was sold from our eBay business listing recently.  It is in pristine condition and appears to have hardly been used.  It shows few signs of wear under magnification and appears to still have its original strap.

This is a particularly interesting timepiece as the movement itself is encased in an inner housing to improve the water resistance of the watch and and also to prevent the ingress of dust into the movement.

The case back with the relevant stamps and the inside of the movement housing appear below.


This stunning, well presented yellow gold watch has a  2 stage ladder clasp on the integral bracelet strap and a total length of 180 mm..




A Fine Collectable – Complete in All Respects

A presentation watch, it had been very well looked after.


This striking Bulova Model 97D115 watch has now been sold.  It has a 42mm diameter case and  makes a strong impression on the wrist that  with its diamond set markers and  brushed satin  face is sure to stand out.


This attractive, solid silver lady’s watch fully hallmarked  for silver with a gem set bezel looks stunning in its satin  lined box.  It carries the  anchor symbol of the Birmingham Assay Office and the date letter for the assay year 2007.

It was powered by a quality quartz  Miyota  movement provided with a freshly fitted battery.